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HDKaraoke integrates the HDK Box with iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets, and Android smart phones. We are the first company to offer tablet apps to remotely control the karaoke system and the Internet streaming function. This revolutionary karaoke machine will create a new chapter for your home karaoke experience. It will no longer be necessary to purchase an additional large and expensive touchscreen. Simply download the app and you can then use your iPad, iPhone or Android to wireless operating HDK Box,easily searching for and selecting your songs.


Flexible and Easy-To-Use Interface

Through the iPad, iPhone and Android App, you could browse and stream thousands of new songs. Customers can select songs depending on the name of artists, songs, categories, genre, and also through the Hot and New Song Recommendation, and Online Search.

Main Page

Comprehensive Remote Control Feature

iPad, iPhone, AndroidYou could use your iPad, iPhone or Android to wireless operating the HDK Box, easily searching for and selecting your songs through the HDK app. You may also adjust the volume, the tone, the mute and Off Vocal control through the app.

Voice Control
Special Features

Searching Feature:

The searching feature of HDK App is as simple as with Google Search. Users only need to input keywords to start searching for the artist and the song. You can play the song you have found by directly clicking it.

Search Songs

Even if you do not want to use the input, you can still use “Siri” and “Voice Command” voice control functions of iPad iPhone and Android to use the searching feature.

If you could not find the song you want, you may use the iPad app to request for adding that song. It will usually take us about seven days to add your song.

My iTunes Feature

You could also sing songs that are saved in your iPad, iPhone or Andriod. You could easily find those songs by simply clicking the “My iTunes” feature. When you click the song you want to sing through your iPad, iPhone or Andriod music bank, the name of that song will be auto-filled in the searching bar.

My Favorite Feature

When you wish to select one of your favorite songs, you only need to click on it in the favorite folder through your iPad, iPhone or Andriod app. There is no need to search for the song using the search function. Besides that, you may share your favorite songs to Weibo and Facebook through the app.

Download at Apple/Google Play App Store

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HDKaraoke Control [iPad App Version] (Click to Download)

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HDKaraoke Control [iPhone App Version] (Click to Download)

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Note: Please use the pairing code to connect the iPad to HDK Box after downloading the app. You could find the pairing code at: 《Settings》->《System》->iPhone/iPad/Android Connect.