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HDK Box - The Smartest Karaoke Machine

*For Chinese Version of HDK Box , please go to: http://www.hdkaraoke.com/cn/t/product/function/

6 Main Features

#1 iPhone, iPad, Android App Control

#2 New Releases Every Month

#3 Automatic Song Update

#4 Large Licensed Karaoke Library

#5 HDMI 1080P Visual Feast

#6 Record and Share

Breakthrough Internet Streaming Karaoke Machine. Brand New Experience!

HDK Box is the smartest Karaoke machine. It integrates the most advanced internet multimedia technologies. HDK Box incorporates the powerful Sigma Design processor, offers full support for Ethernet (LAN), wireless networks (Wi-Fi) connections, 1080p Full HD video output, iPhone/iPad/Android control applications and a variety of media formats. Its high-quality, slim, lightweight body allows users to sing and share a new entertaining experience with their friends and family anytime, anywhere. HDK Box 2.0 is now smarter than ever. New features include MP3+G files playback support and Singing Recording Feature and Instant Sharing to Social Sites

The First Karaoke Machine Supports App Remote Control for iPad, iPhone and Android

HDKaraoke is one of the first companies to offer users an iPhone/iPad/Android app. Users can use their smart phones and tablets to control the selection of songs and all other operations. There is no longer any need to use a remote and a songbook or an additional touch screen to make singing karaoke so much fun.

Automatic Song Update

Supports Ethernet (LAN) and wireless networks (Wi-Fi) connections. HDK Box 2.0 automatically updates songs weekly. Manually adding songs is no longer necessary.  Keep up with the new releases.

Large Licensed Karaoke Library

HDKaraoke receives supports from American Service providers and Asian major and independent record companies and provides licensed digital music and video content. It features a very large karaoke music content portal in North America to provide over 7,000 English karaoke videos as well as many thousands of karaoke videos (Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Filipino) to the Asian market. *English karaoke videos are continuously being rendered into HD quality. In total, 15,000 songs will be gradually added into the library. For Chinese version of HDK Box, please click here.

Recording and Sharing Feature

HDK Box 2.0 newly added recording feature allows you to record your own singing. You can choose to save your singing to your USB storage, or with just one click of a button instantly share your singing to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where your friends and family can listen to your master piece.

1080P HD Sound and Visual Feast

The high-performance Sigma Design configuring decoder chip supports HD 1080P HDMI Full HD output, YAMAHA professional karaoke mixing chip supports vocal mixing and a wide range of video encoding methods, to make your home a real home-concert theater.

Innovative Design - Compact and Portable

HDK Box 2.0's innovative design redefines karaoke, breaking away from traditional karaoke. HDK Box 2.0 is ultra-compact and portable. Only 8.0” x 4.7” x 1.3”, and weighing just 1.5lbs, makes it easy to use at home or take it to a friend's house party.

Online Streaming and Built-In Hard Drive

HDK Box 2.0 has online streaming technology and a large capacity built-in hard drive. When you choose a song for the first time, it will automatically online stream to play and synchronize download to your HDK Box 2.0 built-in hard drive. Next time when you choose the same song, it will play locally. You can add and delete songs anytime you want. With these flexible features, you never have to worry about a full hard drive.

HDKaraoke App Supports Multiple Devices

HDKaraoke App supports the multiple devices simultaneously. You don't need to wait for a long time to choose a song. Just touch your smart device, select your songs whenever and wherever you want.

“Song Request” Feature

HDK Box 2.0 has "Song Request" function. If you search a song and cannot find it, HDKaraoke App will automatically prompt the screen "Song Request". You can click "request" button to submit application. Users can also visit our website to fill out the "Request song" form. We will promptly upload the requested song to HDK Box 2.0 service portal.

Sing Along with the Singer or Sing with Instrumentals

You can choose to sing along with singer to practice the song; or you can choose to sing with your own voice, to create your personal version!

User Friendly Interface
HDK Box 2.0's user friendly interface allows you to browse songs by artists, new songs, hot songs, languages, song categories, and “My Favorites”.

Search Songs Conveniently - Supports English, Pinyin, Zhuyin, and Handwriting Input

HDKaraoke App lets you experience the convenience in searching songs. Turning hundreds of pages to find a song becomes the past. Just type the singer's name, or the song's name, or even lyrics, press the “search” button, and your song will show up immediately. Whether you use Enlgish, Pinyin, Zhuyin, or hand writing, HDKaraoke App meets all your needs.

Music/Mic Volume, Echo Effect and 7 Keys to Adjust

HDK Box 2.0's user friendly App allows you to adjust the echo effects, mic volume and background music volume. Adjust the song to suit your voice with a large range of 7 keys. Personalized set up for you to adjust your perfect tune.

"My Favorites" Feature

HDK Box  "My Favorites" feature allows you to put all your favorite song collection in the "My Favorites" folder. Next time you can find direct access to "My Favorites" to select your favorite songs conveniently.

Multiple Controls to Select Songs

You can use HDK Box 2.0 remote control to select songs, or you can also use iPad, iPhone, and Android smart devices to control the machine through HDKaraoke App. Different devices meet different needs. Multiple devices work at the same time.

Accessories Support (Built-In Hard Drive)

HDK Box 2.0 accessories include HDMI, component (YPbPr), S terminal, AV, fiber optic, coaxial, USB Host / Device, and Ethernet port. The HDK box 2.0 also has a built-in 2.5-inch hard drive. HDK Box 2.0 is compatible for all kinds of microphones, amplifiers and speakers.

Connect Your Own Song Library through USB, MP3+G File Support

HDK Box 2.0 is compatible with various formats of audio and video files, such as MP3+G, MP4, AVI, etc. Users can use "HDKaraoke Controller App" on iPhone/iPad/Android devices to search and select your favorite karaoke files saved in USB drive and play them on HDK Box 2.0.

Home Use and Commercial Use

HDK Box 2.0 can be used at home for family and friends gatherings, fun parties and entertainment. HDK Box 2.0 also can be used in restaurants and bars as commercial entertainment devices, provides a diverse experience for your guests!