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DAM DDS-K10 450W Speaker System



DAIICHIKOSHO CO.,LTD has 42 year track record in Karaoke commercial business in Japan. It is the leading company in the karaoke industry and the largest producer of karaoke machinery and equipment for the professional market, supplying clubs, bars, and the like with increasingly sophisticated machinery. DAIICHIKOSHO CO.,LTD’s karaoke equipment is marketed under the DAM brand name. They have over 250,000 activating DAM commanders in Japanese market, which is 65% of Japanese karaoke commercial market share. Daisuke Inoue, one of the chairmen in DAIICHIKOSHO CO.,LTD , is the inventor of the karaoke machine.


DAM is the top karaoke brand in Japan which supplies high-quality entertainment for customers. DAM holds a dominant share in the karaoke market and delivers sound and videos that make singing fun for karaoke singers around Japan. DAM speaker system has been made rapidly progress. This pair of speakers is one of the top-sellers. The system has two 10" 2-way speakers, and each speaker is equipped with one 10" woofer, two 3" tweeter, which ensures rich and detailed sound. Sensitivity is 90.5dB with continuous power input at 250W, maximum power input at 450W, and impedance at 8 ohms. Built-in timbre or tone switch can make it produce a clear and quick rhythm, or calm and relaxed wide sound depending which mode you select. The speakers also equipped with “Automatic Reproduce Protection System” which protects speaker system from having over-input and unusual signal.


  • A pair of bass-reflet type JEITA-Type II 10" 2-way 3-speakers karaoke speakers system.  Each speaker is built with one 10" woofer, and two 3" tweeters.
  • Continuous Power: 250W, Maximum Power: 450W, Impedance: 8 ohms, Sensitivity: 90.5dB, Frequency Response: 60Hz - 20kHz.
  • Built-in Automatic Reproduce Protection System protects speaker system from having over-input and unusual signal.
  • From the largest karaoke equipment company in Japan. Elegant wooden cabinet with the state-of-art finishing and Japanese standard delivers rich and detailed sound. Best for Karaoke and AV.


  • Type: Bass-reflex type, 2-way 3 speakers, Unti-magnetized(JEITA Type Two)  *JEITA stands for standard of JAPAN ELECTRONIC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION
  • Woofer: 10 inch × 1 (corn type)
  • Tweeter: 3 inch × 2 (corn type)
  • Response Frequency: 60~20000Hz
  • Rated input: 250W
  • Maximum input: 450W
  • Sensitivity: 90.5±2dB
  • Dimension: 20" x 11.5" x 13"
  • Weight: 24lb ea.
  • Impedance: 8Ω


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