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HDKaraoke 贊助南加大中國學生學者聯合會歌友大賽 11/2010

HDKaraoke Targets on College Singers, Sponsored the USC CSSA Singing and Talent Contest

November 29, 2010

HDKaraoke L.L.C., an innovative entertainment company in N. America, sponsored the USC CSSA (USC Chinese Students & Scholars Association) Annual Singing and Talent Contest as an effort to support the overseas Chinese students in Los Angeles.

USC CSSA is a non-profit, non political and non religious students and scholars association who aims to provide academic and community support to the Chinese students at USC. The association constantly holds after-school cultural events and leisure activities to enrich the lives of members and to promote the Chinese culture to the non-Chinese student body at USC. The Annual Singing and Talent Contest is a perfect example of such events and activities.

The show featured cultural dance performances, traditional opera singing, traditional monologue talk shows as well as contestants performing Mandarin and Cantonese pop songs. HDKaraoke, as the proud sponsor for the contest, supported the event with cash prizes and provided audio equipment and karaoke content needed for the night.

The event was a big success for its scale. Students had a great time and the Chinese culture was promoted through different performances. Also, it marked the first ever appearance of the HDK Box in any public event. Promotional staff set up a booth for user interface demonstration and distributed brochures to all participants at the event.

The HD Karaoke Box is an innovative and compact device that allows the users to access the licensed karaoke content at the HDK online music portal. HDKaraoke has contract agreements with major record labels in Asia such as Warner Music and Linfair Records, which grant them the legitimate right to distribute and use all the licensed karaoke content in North America.

“The concept is excellent,” one of the contestants commented on the Chinese karaoke player. “The convenience factor is big. The newest licensed content will also be a big draw. If the price is right, I’m going for it.”

HDKaraoke Service and HDK Box will be available for sale in local retailer stores, as well as on HDKaraoke’s official website.