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HDKaraoke 推出首款专为北美华人设计的联网式卡拉OK机 1/2010

HDKaraoke Announces the First Online Streaming Karaoke Service for the N. American Chinese Market

LOS ANGELES—HDKaraoke L.L.C., a pioneer in the karaoke entertainment industry, announced its newest service today – HDKaraoke Service. Utilizing the online media streaming technology, HDKaraoke Service allows users to have easy and immediate access to licensed and quality karaoke music videos from its online music portal.

“We are offering value and convenience to the market,” said Steve Guo, CEO of HDKaraoke. “Karaoke lovers deserve better quality content and service for the money they are willing to pay, and going 100% licensed is the way to go about it. We have the full support from record labels and music copyright industry.”

HDKaraoke (“HDK”) has contract agreements with major record labels in Asia such as Warner Music and Linfair Records, which grant them the legitimate right to distribute and use all the licensed karaoke content in North America.

To enjoy the service, users will need to purchase the HDKaraoke Box, a compact device which connects the users to HDK’s online music portal. Through its user-friendly interface, users will receive automatic updates for new songs and features, once they are available from Asia.

HDK Box is also a multi-media entertainment center that supports playback of most multi-media file formats. It supports 1080p HD output and external hard drive(s) through USB connection.

HDKaraoke L.L.C. is backed by two private investors, Mr. Xuegang Yang and Mr. Tom Hillman, who are experienced businessmen with strong financial background and exceptional success in their respective business fields. Both investors have seen a tremendous future with the overseas home-use karaoke market, as both Mr. Yang and Mr. Hillman are committed to supporting HDKaraoke for the years to come.

“A major advantage of the HDKaraoke Service is its ability to automatically update and upgrade its karaoke music library and firmware once connected to the internet, making the HDK Box a device with a much longer lifespan versus the existing products in the market.” Guo emphasized.

HDKaraoke Service and HDK Box will be available for sale in local retailer stores, as well as on HDKaraoke’s official website.